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Remote data. Made simple.
Scalable solutions to support
data-driven decisions and operations.
We tenaciously believe that data should be easy to collect, access and analyze.
We design and implement hardware and software solutions where 
simplicity, reliability and usability are the standard.

An agile water management platform for the ever-evolving logistics and regulatory needs of the energy sector.

A spatial web application for humans,

with a powerful analysis engine for water, energy and environmental data.

Getting the internet of
things working for you.

Remote data collection
and delivery hardware to monitor your infrastructure and collect valuable data.

Whether you need a customized dashboard, field implementation or data management engine, Random Acronym brings expertise to suit your needs.

Our solutions eliminate procedures while improving data integrity and productivity.

Our hardware is portable, plug and play, self-powered, and flexible.

Our data links include triple redundancy.

Our interfaces are designed for humans and run on any browser.

Tailored Solutions

Random Acronym has tailored solutions for each sector. Whether you are in the field or in an office, our hardware and software solutions can help you do you job efficiently, cost-effectively and reliably. 

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