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Get the Internet of Things

Working for you.

streamlined, affordable and flexible remote data collection system, designed to reduce effort and risk, while increasing data integrity and frequency. 

A different solution to a common challenge

Remote Data

Easily accessible

Remote operations are challenging. Remote data collection is no exception, requiring manual labour
or extensive instrumentation. While the first one is

costly, risky and prone to error, the later, often
through SCADA implementation, demands
communications infrastructure, power generation and maintenance.

Our remote data solution provides an effective 
alternative to address this challenge. 
A portable,
cost-effective, self-powered unit connects to
your sensors and transmits remote data to a web
, using cell or satellite. Integrated with

WaterTracker or GeoCATA, our solution ensures
that each sensor works for you.

Our remote data solution makes sense 
where traditional over-designed and costly instrumentation doesn't.

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