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GeoCATA for streamlined communications on difficult sites

GeoCATA allowed our clients to communicate complex information effectively.

Communication is one of the key challenges faced by competitive companies attempting to manage a potential contamination issue within a shared physical environment. This is the challenge faced by two of our clients conducting industrial activities on a contaminated site. The site had an undefined contaminant source, within an area of land that they border and that has changed ownership multiple times. Instructed by a regulator to mitigate the environmental risk, the competing clients were required to demonstrate that, not only was the issue being dealt with, but that they were constantly communicating between themselves, coordinating efforts and dealing with the problem at hand instead of focusing on blame.

In order to assist with this challenge, GeoCATA was made available to the clients, their various consulting companies, and the regulator. The tool itself was customized to enable all parties to upload and share documents relevant to their sites, compare field and laboratory analysed data, observe the combined results of their independent field programs and the impacts that they are having on the issue.

Being implemented by a third party company, not related to any work being conducted by either company, the system enabled an unbiased view of the site, through the provision of data and interpretation analytical results. Additionally, the platform has enabled the clients, their various consulting companies and stakeholders to meet and devise a single strategy for mitigating environmental risk through the system.

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